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Brazil/World views on literacies, education, applied linguistics studies and intercultural relations: a transnational debate 

Bill Cope (University of Illinois – USA) Brian Morgan (Glendon College – Canada)
Diana Brydon (University of Manitoba – Canada)
Joel Windle (Universidade Federal Fluminense – Brazil)
Kanavillil Rajagopalan (Universidade de Campinas – Brazil)
Mary Kalantzis (University of Illinois – USA) 


This session will be dedicated to the academic relations among the guest speakers’ work and the work of Professor Walkyria Monte Mór, whose academic trajectory, along with a great sense of humanity, has contributed to the building up of a solid transnational debate. The aim of this session is therefore to raise a discussion on the development of literacies, education and applied linguistic studies as a result of the cooperation with Monte Mór, which has been made possible through the building up of a consistent and open transnational debate. In addition, this session is intended to be a space for reflection and discussion about the ways guest speakers’ views on the teaching/research field in Brazil and in their own countries/contexts have changed, especially after being in contact with the work of the aforementioned professor.